Safe Deposit Boxes

A convenient place to store important personal items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

Benefits include:

  • Vault storage
  • Private
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums
  • Affordable rental fees

* Safe Deposit Boxes are available for Carter Bank & Trust customers only. Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured against loss by Carter Bank & Trust or the FDIC.

Box SizeYearly Rental Fee
2 X 5$20.00
3 X 5$25.00
5 X 5$40.00
3 X 10$45.00
5 X 10$65.00
10 X 10$85.00
10 X 15$95.00
** Sizes may vary by location**

Notary Services

Notary services are available at most branches for both customers and non-customers. Fees may apply for non-customers

Night Depository

CB&T’s night depository service includes one free night deposit bag* and keys for commercial customers.

* A night deposit bag is not required to use the night depository service. Charges for additional bags and replacement keys may apply.